Simply pick the option that you identify with the most at this time in your life from the two options below so that we can give you the most relevant information

Relationships & Health Priority

If one or more of these statements is true for you, get started learning about this aspect of the CC Cruise Club opportunity:
  • I would like to deepen my relationship with my spouse through new beautiful experiences
  • I´m frustrated by not finding a like-minded Christian to marry where I live
  • I feel isolated as a Biblical Christian and need more support than my local church can provide at this time
  • ​Connecting with other ministry leaders for collaboration would really make a big different in my growth
  • ​I need to find a way to do vacations that really reduces stress in my life
  • ​I have grown stale in routines and would love some real fun to look forward to every year
  • ​It would be so great to find a way to do team building that would create memories for life 
  • ​I love cruising, or have always dreamed about going on one, and would like to find a way to pay a lot less for the tickets
So you understand that together we are stronger for ministry. Why not combine your vacation time with like-minded fellowship to double the joy? Travel by yourself or together with your family. Rest. Fun. Connections. Transformation. You’ll never look back. Click the button to learn more.

Business Priority

If one or more of these statements is true for you, get started learning about this aspect of the CC Cruise Club opportunity:
  • I struggle to financially supporting my family and ministry and need an additional income that does not necessarily take too much time
  • My day job is draining the life out of me and I feel drawn to entrepreneurship to make a big change in my life
  • I would love to develop as a servant leader through connecting and growing with other business-passionate Christians
  • ​My ministry calling require me to build a flexible income so that I can travel more
  • ​I understand that so many biblical Christian feel isolated, alone or persecuted, and I would love to build a community that would empower them
  • ​I am new to entrepreneurship and would like to be apart of an opportunity that provides a finished product, done-for-you systems and personal training so I can hit the ground running
  • ​I love the idea of making events on cruises to create a platform for my own and others business and ministry
So you are looking for purposeful work and additional income for your ministry? We are looking for partners for the marketing team building the cruise club. Click the button to learn more.
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